High Quality Products and Excellent Service - Not Just for Bank Members!

WBA EBC provides results for WBA member banks and associate members alike.

Since 1982, WBA Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC) has provided WBA member banks and their staffs with employee benefits coverage, as well as access to other insurance products such as personal accident insurance, bank owned life insurance, and voluntary life insurance. WBA EBC is known for its knowledgeable and helpful staff and competitive prices. 

Did you know this wholly owned subsidiary of the WBA also serves WBA Associate Members? It’s true! The industry-leading products and services available to Wisconsin’s banks through WBA EBC are also available for the many businesses that serve those banks through their membership in the association. 

Here’s a great example of how EBC staff work diligently to go above and beyond for their customers: 

In late October 2017, the Graduate School of Banking was informed by their former employee insurance carrier that their coverage would be dropped on Jan. 1, 2018. A long-time partner with Wisconsin’s banking industry, the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was established in 1945 through the efforts of Dr. Herbert V. Prochnow (who went on to become President of the First National Bank of Chicago), the Dean of the UW School of Commerce, and the WBA.

 The School has been sponsored by the Central States Conference of Bankers Associations since its beginning. Many of the chief officers from each of these 18 member associations, along with representatives of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, serve on the GSB Board of Trustees, the governing body of GSB. In addition, the GSB Banker Advisory Board consists of banking leaders who are alumni of the school and endorse the program, and serve as advisors to GSB on curriculum, marketing, and leadership development issues.

Over the years, hundreds of Wisconsin bankers have completed the program and gone on to help their financial institution grow and thrive, supporting their local community and its economy. 

Faced with the prospect of lapsing insurance coverage for GSB’s dedicated employees, GSB President & CEO Kirby Davidson reached out to WBA EBC for assistance. Brian Siegenthaler leapt into action and managed to find a solution for GSB that not only prevented coverage from lapsing, but ended up being a better product for the company and its staff. 

“After having the same group insurance provider for more than two decades, we transferred our business over to WBA/EBC on January 1, 2018. The transition went very smoothly for us as an administrator and for our employees. Brian Siegenthaler from WBA/EBC set up a really nice benefit package that, honestly, is better than what we had in place before and at an overall lower premium. A win/win for GSB and our employees! Brian and his contacts from the various insurance providers have been great to work with and they've all been extremely responsive and thorough in their approach. We look forward to working with Brian, WBA/EBC and their host of providers in the years ahead!” — Kirby Davidson, GSB President & CEO

With WBA EBC’s assistance, the transition to the new insurance carrier went smoothly and there have been no coverage issues. 

So, whether you need help in a hurry or are simply exploring new coverage options for your employee benefits program, give WBA EBC a call. They’re happy to help you find the best insurance solution for you and your employees.

For more information about EBC, please contact Brian at 608/441-1211, bsiegenthaler@wisbank.com or visit www.wisbankins.com.